The Rehabilitation Department diagnoses and treats a wide range of processes, such as trauma, orthopaedic, neurological, and the pelvic floor, among others.

We are a multi-disciplinary department made up of doctors specialising in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and auxiliary nurses.

The department has a healthcare side and an educational side. In terms of degree education, we have interns from Medicine, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and Speech therapy. In terms of post-graduate education, we are accredited to train doctors specialising in Rehabilitation.

Relevant aspects

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i. Trauma rehabilitation: fractures, dislocations, multi-trauma, catastrophic hand and foot, peripheral nerve injuries.

ii. Orthopaedic surgery: knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, wrist, finger prosthesis. Joint instability surgery.

iii. Painful diseases and spinal surgery. Spinal column deformities (scoliosis, hyperkyphosis), vertebral fractures

iv. Degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system

v. Amputations:

1. Trauma


3. Complications of the diabetic foot

4. Upper limb amputations

vi. Rehabilitation of the after-effects of oncology treatments: soft tissue and scar retractions, microvascular muscle flaps, secondary polyneuropathies vii. After-effects of temporomandibular joint surgery

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Lymphology and phlebology

i. Lymphoedema

1. Primary and secondary. Upper and lower limbs

2. Lymphoedema of the breast and other locations

ii. Mixed oedema.

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Pelvic floor

i. Urinary incontinence

ii. Faecal incontinence

iii. Chronic pelvic pain

iv. Detrusor-sphincter dyssynergia

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Facial Paralysis

i. Bell’s Palsy

ii. Ramsay Hunt syndrome

iii. Post-tumor surgery interventions

iv. Post-dynamic or static reparative surgery

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i. Central nervous system pathologies:

1. Cerebrovascular accident

2. Cranioencephalic trauma

3. Myelopathies

4. CNS demyelinating diseases (ME)

ii. Neuromuscular diseases:

1. Acute and chronic inflammatory polyradiculopathies

2. Motor neurone diseases: ALS functional unit, SMAs

3. Myopathies

iii. Balance disorders

iv. Communication, speaking, language and swallowing disorders

Programes de rehabilitació respiratòria i cardíaca amb reentrenament a l’esforç_rehabilitació_hub.
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Respiratory and cardiac rehabilitation programmes with strength retraining

i. Heart failure, ischemic cardiomyopathy, hear transplantation

ii. COPD, interstitial disease, diaphragm alterations, lung transplantation

iii. Post-thoracic surgery

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Interventionist rehabilitation

i. Infiltrations with ultrasound control

ii. Focal spasticity treatment with botulinum toxin infiltrations and electro-stimulator or ultrasound control

iii. Growth factor infiltrations

iv. Infiltrations in myofacial pathologies

v. Scar infiltrations

vi. Amputation stump infiltrations

vii. Treatment of facial paralysis with botulinum toxin

viii. Joint infiltrations

ix. Epidural infiltrations

x. Nerve blocks

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Instrumented function test clinic

i. Posturography and gait analysis on dynamometric platforms

ii. Hand dynamometry

iii. Isokinetic knee, shoulder and ankle dynamometry

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i. Trauma: joint dislocations, lower limb fracture overload, upper limb fractures, spinal fractures, multi-trauma

ii. Orthopaedics: post-surgical intervention, knee or shoulder prosthesis, adhesive capsulitis, post-spinal fusion

iii. Subacute rheumatic diseases

iv. Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system when muscle weakness does not allow for gravity to be overcome

v. Mechanical rachialgia, lumbar spinal stenosis


Lines of research

  • Facial paralysis

Facial paralysis software: “ Neuromuscular facial therapy with imaging software support in patients with peripheral facial paralysis” Ref CEIC PR224/15 Proc. 23/6/16. Special acknowledgement in the 2018 HInnovar awards

  • Lymphoedema

“Efficacy of aquatic physiotherapy in upper limb lymphoedema in post-breast cancer women. Controlled experimental study. (Ref Proc. 10/18) “INFLUENCE OF THE TYPE OF AXILLARY SURGERY ON THE APPEARANCE OF LYMPHOEDEMA IN BREAST CANCER PATIENTS”­­­­­­­ CEIC Ref PR004/13. Proc. 03/13 Multi-centric study. Circaid clinical trial: “Comparison of the Effectiveness of a Precast Adjustable Compression Wrap With the Multilayer Compression Bandage in Upper Limb Lymphoedema” (currently being published in the form of an original article)

  • Osteoarticular

MINECO grant with the Department of Physiology of the University of Barcelona: “Synergistic effect of cold and hypoxia in tissue repair” (2013-2018)

Main Publications

  • 2016

Marta Gomez-Cuba, Ana Perreau de Pinninck-Gaynes, Rosa Planas-Balagué, Nicolas Manito, José González-Costello. Rehabilitation in Heart Failure: Update and New Horizons. Curr Phys Med Rehabil Rep DOI 10.1007/s40141-016-0125-6

Limfedema de parènquima de mama: a proposito de dos casos clínicos. S Salinas Huertas, MLL Catasús Clavé, M Gómez Cuba, R Planas Balagué. Rehabilitación, 2016 :50(3);187-189

  • 2017

Title: Effectiveness of an intensive weight loss program for severe obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSA) treatment: a randomized controlled trial. Sleep Medicine

Corresponding Author: Carmen Monasterio

Co-Authors: Carla López-Padrós, Neus Salord, Carolina Alves, Nuria Vilarrasa, Mercè Gasa, Rosa Planas, Monica Montserrat, M. Nuria Virgili, Carmen Rodríguez, Sandra Pérez-Ramos, Esther López-Cadena, M. Inmaculata Ramos, Jordi Dorca Sargatal

Ref: 818229

Ref: Effectiveness of a precast adjustable compression system compared to multilayered compression bandages in the treatment of breast cancer related lymphedema. A randomized, single blind clinical trial.


Degree Education

  • Graduate education: Medicine Students from the Bellvitge Campus, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Auxiliary nurses
  • Post-graduate education: Residents specialising in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University Master’s Degree in Thorax Physiotherapy
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