Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department shares the hospital’s mission of providing quality, accessible and efficient healthcare. It shares the commitment to training healthcare professionals, with research and the transfer of knowledge related to the prevention and treatment of diseases, and with the formation of a teamwork environment that allows for the individual creativity, innovation, and development of its professionals.

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department has had a marked oncological calling and fully shares the mission of the oncology master plan: to reduce the impact of cancer in Catalonia. Its goals are to reduce the incidence of cancer and its associated death rate; to improve accessibility to early diagnosis and to the appropriate treatment, and to improve the quality of life throughout the oncological process, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and palliative care.

Relevant aspects

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  • Oncology represents 60% of the department’s surgical activity. The most commonplace procedure is oncoplasty, followed by skin cancer, sarcomas, and head and neck. In breast cancer surgery, apart from conventional microsurgical flaps (DIEP), other very complex procedures are being performed, such as one that uses excess skin and fat from the inside of the thigh.
  • In head and neck surgery, as well as microsurgical flaps, visceral, jejunum and gastro-omental flaps, all reconstructions of the jaw and upper maxilla with fibula are conducted using software to give better results and shorter surgery times.
  • In sarcoma surgery, apart from flap coverage, self-transplantations of muscle with vascular and nerve anastomosis are conducted to provide function, which are being performed in both flexor and extensor muscles in the forearm using the gracilis muscle and for knee extension in cases of mass quadricep resection using the latissimus dorsi muscle.


Lines of research

  • New therapeutic targeting in Epithelial Cancer. Procedure no. 2014SGR0513 coordinated by Purificación Muñoz Moruno, IDIBELL
  • Hereditary Cancer Program ICO-IDIBELL coordinated by Asunción Lázaro
  • Head and Neck Oncology coordinated by Manuel Mañós


Degree education

Associate Professors: Joan Maria Viñals i Anna López Ojeda

Programa de Formació dels Residents de CPL

Master's degrees and accredited courses

  • University Master’s degree in Advanced Medical Skills, specialising in Interdisciplinary Oncology, headed by F. Guedea, JM. Borràs, JM Viñals and Y. A López Ojeda
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Main Building at Bellvitge University Hospital

c/ Feixa Llarga, sn.

08907 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona

Hospitalization and Secretary Floor 13 | Office of the Head of the Service -  Planta 15 | Office of Physicians, Residents, Meeting Room and Hospitalization Corridor - Floor 15

Telephone number  93 260 76 75


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