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The Clinical Laboratory performs healthcare, educational and research & development activities related to clinical biochemistry, including clinical molecular biology, haematology, and immunology. This mission is fulfilled by a diverse team, formed by specialists in Clinical Analysis, Clinical Biochemistry, Haematology and Haemotherapy, and Immunology, nursing professionals, laboratory technicians, auxiliary nurses, administration clerks, administration assistants and orderlies.

The Clinical Laboratory has a catalogue of services in which the in vitro examinations performed in response to ordinary or emergency requests are described. It also has a catalogue of services that are restricted to certain customers in response to specific needs, and it reserves the right to modify, extend or restrict the in vitro examinations of a request in line with the protocols established.

One goal of the Clinical Laboratory is to continuously improve its processes and products in order to permanently meet customer needs and expectations, using the advances in clinical laboratory science and maintaining and high degree of competitiveness. The Clinical Laboratory has a qualitology management system implemented and is accredited in accordance with Standard ISO 15189. '

'Centre authorised by the Health Department with registration code H-08000924''.


Relevant aspects

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Healthcare activity

  • The healthcare activity of the Clinical Laboratory consists of performing biological in vitro examinations for the prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment control of diseases. This healthcare activity is authorised by the Generalitat de Catalunya Department of Health and Social Security in accordance with Decree 76/1995 of 7 March. The Haematology and Haemotherapy specialists are also involved in medical cross-consultation activities.
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Catalogue of services


Lines of research

  • Clinical Laboratory quality indicators
  • Adaptive immunological changes of treatments with biologic drugs
  • Diagnostic and pharmacogenomics tools in lipid metabolism and genetics
  • Drug analysis through liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (validation of clinical methods and applications).

Research groups

Emergent Group “Group of ICS laboratories for the research of

Quality Indicators and Specifications”, accredited by the Jordi Gol Institute of Primary Care Research (IDIAP).

Pre-consolidated group SGR 1667 University of Barcelona AGAUR (Helena Colom IP).

IDIBELL Group “Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacotherapy and Pharmaceutical Technology”.

Main publications


Degree education

  • Classes and seminars to pharmacy, medicine and nursing students at the University of Barcelona; work experience for laboratory technician students. Training of specialists in Clinical Biochemistry, Immunology, Haematology and Hemotherapy; post-graduate courses at the University of Barcelona.
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Main Building at Bellvitge University Hospital

c/ Feixa Llarga, sn.

08907 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona

Floor 0

Telephone number 93 260 75 49

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