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We are a health center that has technology and professional expertise to carry out the most complex healthcare procedures. We are the proximity hospital for L’Hospitalet and El Prat de Llobregat and a reference center of high complexity for the entire southern axis of Catalonia, up to Terres de l’Ebre.

We currently have more than 5,000 professionals and ensure that they develop their talent in multidisciplinary teams, with opportunities for constant training and growth.

Our strategic priorities are the development of professionals, the improvement of the user experience and networking, with the levers of change of innovation, research and teaching.

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"We always work together, cases are shared, it is a work team based on camaraderie" Marta (doctor).

"I already knew the hospital, I was interested due to the amount of cases" Oscar (doctor).

"We work as a team and are connected, we trust each other and have organised ourselves" Vanessa (nurse).

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