The main goal of the Medical-Surgical Dermatology Department is to offer high-quality, effective specialist care in all medical and surgical areas relating to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders in adult patients at the University Hospital of Bellvitge and its areas of influence.

The Dermatology Department serves as a level-3 reference centre and its organisation is based on specialised units, offices and specialist consultations. The HUB Dermatology Department also covers level-1 dermatological care at CAP Just Oliveres and CAP Ramona, with a population of reference of almost 200,000 people.

Our mission includes the promoting of graduate and post-graduate education, clinical and translational research and innovation in the main areas of dermatology today, especially in our consolidated lines, such as malignant melanoma, cutaneous lymphoma and psoriasis.

Relevant aspects

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Cutaneous oncology

  • Malignant melanoma

Early diagnosis of premelanotic lesions Fotofinder and digital epiluminescence Integrated medical-surgical treatment Multidisciplinary treatment of advanced disease Clinical trials

  • Cutaneous lymphomas

Unit of reference in cutaneous lymphoma Extensive experience in multidisciplinary clinical management (ICO/Bellvitge Functional Lymphoma Unit) Clinical and translational research Clinical trials

  • Nonmelanoma skin cancer

Medical-surgical treatment of basal and squamous cell carcinoma Multidisciplinary skin cancer committee

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Psoriasis and biological treatments in dermatology

  • Unit specialising in psoriasis and biological treatment with extensive experience
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Atopy and urticaria

  • Centre of reference in severe atopy
  • Clinical trials unit for urticaria, atopy
  • Systemic autoinflammatory diseases
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Dermatologic surgery

  • Convention surgery and laser therapy for vascular lesions
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  • Narrow-band UVB and PUVA
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Other procedures

  • Multidisciplinary unit in vascular malformations
  • Contact allergies and epicutaneous tests
  • Multidisciplinary unit in systemic diseases (UFMAS)


Lines of research

  • Prognostic factors and new therapeutic targeting in malignant melanoma
  • Prognostic factors in cutaneous lymphoma
  • Epigenetics and genetics in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
  • Pathogenesis and therapeutics in autoinflammatory diseases
  • Biological therapy in psoriasis and autoimmune diseases

Research groups

Cancer and human molecular genetics (IDIBELL)

Lymphoid and haematopoietic tumours (IDIBELL)


Degree education

Adjunct Professor: Octavi Servitje Bedate. University of Barcelona. Dermatology Coordinator, Medicine Degree-Bellvitge Campus. Master’s Thesis Coordinator- Medicine Degree- Bellvitge Campus

Associate Professor: Joaquin Marcoval Caus. Medicine Degree-Bellvitge Campus

Associate Professor: Jucglà Serra. Medicine and Podiatry Degree-Bellvitge Campus

Associate Professor: Jaime Notario Rosa. Medicine Degree-Bellvitge Campus

Associate Professor: Cristina Muniesa Montserrat. Medicine and Podiatry Degree-Bellvitge Campus

Master's degrees and accredited courses

Residency programme training in Medical-Surgical


Residency programme training in Family and Community Medicine

Rotational training (internship programme) for Internal Medicine and Rheumatology Residents.

External rotation for Residents from other University Hospitals (Catalonia and Spain) for specific training (cutaneous lymphoma, Skin allergies, Laser therapy)

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