HUB 1972

Bellvitge University Hospital is a public, innovative, research hospital, that this year celebrates its first 50 years of history.

With 5,200 expert and committed professionals, it is the hospital of proximity for the citizens of Hospitalet and El Prat de Llobregat, as well as a high-complexity reference centre for 2 million people, the entire southern area of Catalonia.

It is the Catalan health centre performing the largest number of complex surgeries, especially oncological. Since it carried out the first liver transplant in Spain in 1984, it has been a benchmark in this field. Currently, it is the centre performs the most kidney and heart transplants in adults. It integrates in its projects both the focus on the patient experience improvement and on the networking with primary care and surrounding hospitals.

Oriented towards personalised medicine, it has the best genetic diagnosis and imaging tools for cancer and minority diseases. These will soon be complemented by the new High Precision Diagnostic Centre, which will incorporate the first PET/MRI in the Spanish healthcare network.

It promotes innovation among all of its teams as a key element in the generation of knowledge, system evolution and improvement, alongside research, which is carried out in collaboration with IDIBELL.

It has different areas of expertise that perform both nationally and internationally innovative procedures, such as robotic surgery; cancer care; the heart area; neurology and neurosurgery; transplants; addictions and behavioural disorders; endoscopy; diagnostic imaging and ophthalmological surgery, among others.

Oncological care is carried out in coordination with the ICO, through Functional Units. It registers some 20,000 major surgical interventions; 37,000 discharges; 485,000 outpatient visits and some 100,000 diagnostic tests annually.

It is part of the Bellvitge Biomedical Cluster, a project for the future that integrates several Southern Metropolitan Territorial Area institutions, and which will mean a great step forward in digital health, personalised medicine and work with data.

It belongs to the Institut Català de la Salut (Catalan Health Institute).

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