16 May 2023

The exhibition "Scars" brings together a dozen portraits of liver transplant recipients exuding joy in the lobby of the Outpatient Consultation area at Bellvitge Hospital. Additionally, the exhibition features other photographs where these inspiring individuals proudly exhibit their scars, which are adorned with delicate strokes of gold leaf paint. These scares serve as powerful symbols of their resilience, triumph over adversity, and the joy that accompanies the gift of a renewed life through transplantation. The exhibition will remain open to the public until the 22nd of May, providing a limited opportunity to witness this compelling display.

17 April 2023

The ICS’s South Metropolitan Territorial Management (GTMS for its acronym) - which is made up of Bellvitge University Hospital, Viladecans Hospital, and the Southern Metropolitan Primary Care - is committed to promoting innovation in healthcare. In line with this strategic axis, the Innovation section of the www.bellvitgehospital.cat website has been reformulated, which will be fed with the most outstanding innovation projects of the territory's devices. For the time being, it can be accessed via the link: https://bellvitgehospital.cat/es/proyectos-de-innovacion

14 April 2023
Symphony of Heroes is a charity musical project led by Dr Andreu Gabarrós, head of the Neurosurgery Service at Bellvitge University Hospital. It gathers patients who have suffered a brain tumour. Dr Gabarrós and his band “Dorigen” have composed nine songs and a choral symphony. Besides this album of original songs, the project also consists of a documentary film and charity concert. The latter will take place on Thursday 11 May at 8 p.m., at the Teatre Joventut in the town of Hospitalet.
11 April 2023

Teams from Bellvitge University Hospital (HUB for its acronym in Catalan), Viladecans Hospital and Southern Metropolitan Primary Care (APMS for its acronym in Catalan) will cooperate for their deployment

A Project Management Office has been created within the Southern Metropolitan Territorial Management (GTMS for its acronym in Catalan) in order to support the clinical teams in the implementation of these innovation projects

21 March 2023

The project makes possible an early start of the rehabilitation treatment, aimed at recovering the patient's state prior to admission, as well as at avoiding post-traumatic stress, delirium and pain in both sedated and awake patients

The 64 ICU boxes offer now immersive multisensory experiences, allowing for great possibilities to be used by professionals as a therapy means

The initiative, financed with European funds, is unique in the world.

The impact of this paradigm shift from a closed ICU to an open ICU where, in addition to the vital functions, the patient’s emotional and social aspects are taken care of, will be evaluated

16 March 2023

According to the results of the international SELECT2 clinical trial, in which Bellvitge University Hospital (HUB) participated, patients with a large ischemic core - thought to be irreversibly damaged brain tissue - had better functional outcomes when treated within 24 hours with mechanical endovascular thrombectomy.