01 July 2022

The Research Committee of the Bellvitge Hospital held on 30 June the 2022 Research Session, during which the several grants for clinical research projects, intensification for pre-doctoral professionals and post-residency training were awarded.

27 June 2022
This June, professionals from the Pathological Gambling and Behavioural Addictions Unit of the Psychiatry Service of the Bellvitge University Hospital (HUB) have participated in two major professional meetings: the 9th National Congress on Diabesity, in Madrid, and the 7th International Conference on Behavioural Addiction, which has been held in Nottingham, United Kingdom.
22 June 2022

The Radiopharmacy Unit of the Bellvitge University Hospital and the Institute of Diagnostic Imaging, which was completely refurbished just over a year ago, is ready to incorporate new radiopharmaceuticals for both healthcare and research, enabling this Unit to respond to all current healthcare needs and to have a vision of the future.

17 June 2022
The integrated unit ICO L'Hospitalet - Bellvitge University Hospital de (HUB) has been reaccredited by the Ministry of Health as a National Health System Reference Unit for adult intraocular tumour care.
16 June 2022

The new space improves the workflow and interaction among the diagnostic areas.

The Service, which is operational seven days a week, carried out more than 1.5 million tests in 2021.

The work of the Microbiology Service of Bellvitge Hospital is essential for many of its care areas as well as for patients from the ICS’s Southern Metropolitan Area.

14 June 2022
"Women against ALS " is a campaign promoted by: the research group on neurological diseases and neurogenetics of the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) and the Functional Motor Neuron Disease Unit of the Neurology Service of the Bellvitge University Hospital (HUB), with the support of the Catalan ALS Foundation Miquel Valls and the University of Barcelona (UB). The campaign is sponsored by Vueling, Ferrer and Macbor.