RELAT-Hos project

A project of humanization through creative writing

Projecte RELAT-Hos HUB

RELAT-Hos warmly invites you to write a story during your hospitalisation.

We want to put the therapeutic power of writing at your fingertips and make your stay with us more pleasant.

So far more than a hundred patients have already written their stories, which have been compiled in three volumes.

On the website of RELAT-Hos project you will be able to read one of these stories every month. Would you like to read your first one now? 

We kindly invite you to browse the upper menu to get to know RELAT-Hos and its relators better.

Should you have any questions about the project, please do not hesitate to send to us an email at

“There are no more than two rules for writing: having something to say, and saying it.” Oscar Wilde

To be continued... a video on the project RELAT-Hos

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