Bellvitge Hospital has renewed its mobile application, 'El meu HUB,' to serve as the digital gateway to the centre

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The upgraded features of the application encompass real-time operation monitoring, appointment scheduling, online procedures, and navigation within the hospital's premises Users can now access 'El meu quiròfan' (my operating room), a dedicated section offering expert information on the hospital's key surgeries, providing patients with guidance throughout the surgical journey The latest iteration of the hospital's official mobile app is now accessible on both the Android and Apple app stores

The official mobile app for all users of Bellvitge University Hospital (HUB) has undergone a comprehensive redesign to better cater to their health and healthcare service requirements.

The revamped version incorporates a range of enhanced features and services, including:

- A virtual "waiting room" that allows users to track their surgical process using an alphanumeric identifier, ensuring privacy by not disclosing sensitive data. This feature also provides information on waiting times in the Emergency Room - A personalised area where users can view their scheduled appointments at the hospital

- An interactive map powered by Google Maps technology, facilitating navigation between hospital buildings

- Direct access to online procedures and the Patient Guide, providing users with convenient and efficient ways to access relevant information and services

- Real-time news and updates about the hospital, ensuring users stay informed about the latest developments

- The Aula Salut section, a dedicated space with health content generated by professionals at Bellvitge University Hospital, offering valuable insights and resources

The 'El meu HUB' app will also serve as a gateway to access the Catalan Health System's "La Meva Salut" platform and other apps recommended by the hospital's medical team. The app update has been undertaken with a strong focus on incorporating the Patient Experience. A dedicated working group comprising patients and professionals was formed to ensure that the app meets their needs and expectations. This group evaluated the app's usability, efficiency, and user satisfaction specifically on mobile devices, including both phones and tablets.

Links to download the app for Android (Google Play) and iOS (Apple Store), as well as more information and a video tutorial, can be found at

Accompanying patients and families throughout the surgical process

"The web app 'El Meu Quiròfan' ( will be integrated into the 'El Meu HUB' app, serving as “a tool to empower patients with specific information about their surgery, preparation guidelines, and the recovery process. This integration aims to enable patients to actively participate in their healing journey, make informed decisions, and take an active role in their own recovery. Additionally, it will facilitate the work of healthcare professionals”, as highlighted by Dr Beatriz Rosón, Deputy Director of the Transversal Processes and Surgical Waiting List Centre at HUB.

"Specifically, 'El Meu Quiròfan' has been developed from an innovative concept conceived by Dr Esther Méndez, an assistant in the Department of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation at the HUB and a student of the eHealth master's degree program at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). Dr Méndez received financial support through the "eHealth Project: from Idea to Project" award from the eHealth Center of UOC to bring this idea to life. The project has also received backing from the "PECT Innovation Call 2021," awarded by the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) with funding from the European Union."

"Drawing from her experience as an anaesthesiologist, Dr Méndez noticed that despite providing patients with details about their surgical procedures during pre-operative visits, they retained very little information when entering the operating room. The goal of the web app is to enhance patient satisfaction and promote health benefits. "Digital solutions will make life easier for everyone," assures Dr Méndez."

This initiative represents another significant stride taken by the Catalan Health Institute (ICS) in its commitment to provide a comprehensive and increasingly extensive service to both the residents of Hospitalet and El Prat, as well as the two million inhabitants of the southern axis of Catalonia, for whom the hospital serves as a reference centre of the highest complexity.

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