This completes the hospital's techno-surgical building, which is furnished with highly complex equipment

These new facilities, which triple the previous space, cover 1,750 m² and perform more than 160,000 dispensations per month

Estem de celebració! El dia 8 de novembre del 2022 farà 50 anys de la inauguració de l’Hospital i volem commemorar-ho com pertoca. Des del pròxim 8 de novembre fins a la data exacta del cinquantenari podràs gaudir d’un magnífic programa ple d’actes i activitats institucionals, científiques i festives

Corneal neurotisation by means of microsurgery was the last resource to save the vision of the patient's eye

It was performed jointly by surgeons from the Ophthalmology Department and the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department

The ADELE project will be launched in November and aims to establish a new care model to improve treatment efficiency and patient safety

It includes remote monitoring of implanted devices for arrhythmia control, enlargement and improvement of interventional electrophysiology rooms and patient empowerment

The Functional Unit of Systemic Autoimmune Diseases (UFMAS) of the Bellvitge Hospital has been designated by the Catalan Department of Health as a member of the Network of Clinical Experience Units (XUEC) for these pathologies

In 2020, Bellvitge University Hospital was once again the centre in Spain to implant the highest number of long-term mechanical ventricular assist devices, according to the results presented by specialists from this hospital this September at the annual meeting of the Heart Failure Association of the Spanish Society of Cardiology