01 December 2022
On the occasion of World AIDS Day, the HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections Unit of the Infectious Diseases Service at Bellvitge Hospital - one of the pioneers and most prestigious in Catalonia - recalls that many of the current healthcare efforts are aimed at optimising and personalising treatments as well as improving the patients’ quality of life.
01 December 2022

Bellvitge University Hospital carried out its 4,000th kidney transplant yesterday afternoon. This milestone comes at a very important moment in this activity, as the centre has been the leader in adult kidney transplants in Spain for three years in a row and because in 2022 it has broken new records, performing more than 30 kidney transplants this November and more than 200 so far this year

29 November 2022

To generate the new models a fresh biopsy of the original tumor was implanted into the same mouse tissue. This perfectly reproduces the original morphological and molecular characteristics, and therefore it anticipates the tumor evolution to choose the best treatment.

28 November 2022

This treatment, still highly stigmatised, achieves clinical improvement in 75% of cases. Bellvitge University Hospital (HUB), a benchmark in electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), organises the 47th edition of a course that has already trained dozens of professionals.

16 November 2022

More than 70 professionals participate in the fifth edition of the international course Mapping Bellvitge, where the Hospital de Bellvitge shares its more than 20-year experience in tumour removal surgeries with brain mapping and intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring. With more than 100 brain tumour operations performed last year, the hospital's Neurosurgery Service is a pioneer and a national and international benchmark in this technique.

15 November 2022

As a tribute to Bellvitge University Hospital on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, ONCE has marketed 5 million tickets with the image of the hospital for this Saturday’s draw (19 November).