How to be admitted?

The goal of all the professionals working at this hospital is to provide you with quality care and a satisfying experience.

Opening hours:

  • Hospitalization Building: 7a.m. to 9:30p.m., every day of the week. Phone: 932 607 600
  • Critically ill area: from 10a.m. to 9.30p.m., from Monday to Friday, non-holidays. Telephone: 933 359 011
enter the hospital

To enter the Hospital, you must enter through the main door and go to the Admissions Service, located to the left of the main lobby.

You will find a TESEO machine to pass the health card (TSI), and the administration will notify you to make the admission.

In addition, since January 2021 we also have 64 hospital beds and 48 emergency beds in the Delta building for Covid-19 patients.

The HUB has 831 beds (547 for conventional hospitalization; 29 for mental health; 92 for short-stay hospitalization; 73 for semi-critical care; 56 for intensive care; 10 for cardiology critics and 24 for post-surgical resuscitation and critical care critics. emergencies). Our portfolio of services includes all medical and surgical specialties except obstetrics and pediatrics.

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What do you have to bring?

  • Slippers
  • Flip flops or rubber slippers to enter the shower
  • Toiletries with their personal utensils: toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and toothbrush, etc
  • The medication you are currently taking, with the electronic prescription, so that he can supply the medical equipment to the plant
  • If you use the CPAP (sleep apnea) machine, you must wear it
  • Prostheses that are essential for your stay (glasses, hearing aids...)
  • Mobile phone and mobile charger
què no cal portar

What don't you have to bring?

  • Pajamas, towels...
  • Jewelry (rings, chains, piercings ...)
  • Suitcases or backpacks
  • Clothes. At the time of discharge, when the relative is notified that the patient can already leave, he / she will be able to bring the necessary clothes to wear and that he / she can leave.
  • Wheelchairs, crutches... The relative will only carry them when he comes to pick up the patient.

The hospital will not take care of any object that is not deposited in Security.


The Outpatient Major Surgery Unit consists of 32 care points to respond to the activity of 7 monographic CMA operating theaters in all surgical specialties.

If you need major outpatient surgery, go to the Waiting Room in Module C of the Surgical Building. To access it, enter through the main door of the Hospital and go up to the 1st floor (elevators or stairs), follow the corridor next to the stairs to the waiting room, where you will find a TESEO machine. to pass the health card (TSI). There, the administrator will notify you on screen to enter the Module B counter (yellow).

If your procedure is for Ophthalmology, go to the hospital through access 2, located to the left of the main door. In the corridor you will find a TESEO machine to pass the health card (TSI). The administrator will notify you through the screen located in the Ophthalmology waiting room for admission.

The relatives authorized by the patient are informed from the beginning, development and completion of the surgery by SMS and through the mobile app, El meu HUB. Once the operation is over, you will receive the medical information on the phone designated by the patient.