Comprehensive approach to patients with arrhythmias using innovative solutions

Adele (Arrhythmia, Defibrillation and Electrophysiology) is an Innovative Public Procurement value-based project, facilitating a change in the traditional contracting model in its engagement with the medical device manufacturing industry, as well as in the patient care process within the Arrhythmia Unit at highly complex hospitals, such as the Bellvitge University Hospital. It's important to note that pacemakers are covered under the separate 'Ritmocore' project.

Adele's pioneering approach enhances both the efficiency and safety of medical procedures, as well as the long-term monitoring of patients. In fact, it proposes a new care model for patients with arrhythmias leveraging innovative digital solutions. It encompasses remote monitoring of implanted heart devices and coordination between different levels of care to improve treatment efficiency, safety and patient empowerment.

In fact, according to data from the Spanish Society of Cardiology, 15% of people aged 50 and above are affected by some form of arrhythmia. Given the ageing of the population and also the high prevalence of cardiac disease, heart rhythm disorders are set to increase. At the same time, indications for cardiac device implants and ablation procedures (the application of energy with catheters to scar damaged areas of the heart in order to restore its normal rhythm), as well as other electrophysiological diagnostics and treatments, will also increase.


Projecte Adele HUB
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Continuity of care with Primary Care, general hospitals and the Arrhythmia Unit of Bellvitge University Hospital
  • Empowerment of patients with a better understanding of their illness and more active participation in its monitoring and prevention
  • Personalised therapy to offer patients the best treatment with a diagnostic or ablation catheter and any defibrillation device
  • Reorganisation of space and works, with the construction of five interventional cardiology laboratories (two for the Arrhythmia Unit and three for Haemodynamics) and equipment for two electrophysiology rooms.
  • Process reengineering and changes in information and integration systems.
  • Improved detection of intermittent arrhythmias with diagnostic support tools and interventional procedures.


Projecte Adele HUB
  • Changing in the traditional contracting model in its engagement with the medical device manufacturing industry, as well as in the patient care process of the Arrhythmia Unit
  • Introducing the concept of shared risk, whereby both health centres and device providers are jointly responsible for achieving the proposed objectives
  • Developing a collaborative model with common goals and patient-centred results

Value proposition

Projecte Adele HUB
  • Alignment of all parties involved - hospital, contractor and patients - with shared goals for the successful development of the project.
  • Close collaboration between the Arrhythmia Unit and various hospital’s Services without which it is difficult to make progress in many aspects: Information Systems, Innovation, Processes, Procurement, Audiovisuals, Communication, Citizen Services...

The project in numbers

patients have joined the remote monitoring during the 1st year
ventricular arrhythmias detected (ventricular tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation)
new Interventional Cardiology laboratories at the HUB
million euros (value-based Innovative Public Procurement



Adele is part of the Public Procurement of Innovation Projects in the Integral Public Health System of Catalonia (SISCAT), subsidised by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Operational Programme.

Project team

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