Adele: the Value-Based Purchasing Project, Developed at Bellvitge Hospital, Successful in Brussels


The director of the Arrhythmia Unit at Bellvitge Hospital (HUB), Dr Ignasi Anguera, took part in the 4th European Value-Based Procurement Conference in Brussels, Belgium, on 15 December. During this event, the innovative public procurement model for defibrillators, which is being promoted within the ICS Southern Metropolitan Area as part of the Adele project, was introduced.

The Adele innovation project consists of the implementation of a new care model for patients with arrhythmias, with remote monitoring of defibrillators and coordination between different levels of care with the aim of patient follow-up. This model also establishes win-win agreements between the healthcare institution and the healthcare technology provider.

Precisely, the transformation of integrated arrhythmia care, carried out by the Adele team' was showcased as a success story during the fourth edition of the European Value-Based Procurement Conference, organised by EHPAA, EUREGHA, BCG, and MedTech Europe.

The Catalan Agency for Health Quality and Assessment (AQuAS) also had a prominent presence at this conference. In particular, the process of transformation of the Catalan health system from the purchase of innovation, generating a value chain for the patient and the health provision chain, has been presented.

In parallel, experts from all over Europe shared knowledge on the priorities set by the members of EUREGHA (European Regional and Local Health Authorities), including the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government): value-based healthcare, digital transformation and co-creation of communities.

Value-based purchasing is a key tool for incorporating innovation into the health system, taking into account health outcomes and benefits for patients, health professionals and the system.