The exhibition "Bellvitge Hospital: a journey through time" pays tribute to 50 years of the hospital's history

The exhibition was presented today at an event attended by Nuria Marín, mayor of Hospitalet, and Yolanda Lejardi, managing director of the ICS.

The exhibition "Bellvitge Hospital: a journey through time" was presented today at midday at the roundabout outside the entrance to the hospital in an event attended by the mayor of Hospitalet, Nuria Marín, and the managing director of the Catalan Health Institute (ICS), Yolanda Lejardi. Also in attendance was the deputy mayor for Equity, Social Rights and Human Resources of Hospitalet, Jesús Husillos, among other dignitaries.

The presentation of the exhibition was given by the territorial manager of the ICS Southern Metropolitan Area of the (GTMS) and manager of Bellvitge University Hospital, Montserrat Figuerola, accompanied by managers and representatives of the three GTMS areas (Bellvitge Hospital, Southern Metropolitan Primary Care and Viladecans Hospital), as well as numerous managers, workers and retired professionals of the hospital.

The event also featured a performance by the Agape String Quartet, which played at the hospital as part of the Música en Vena programme. As all this initiative’s performers do, the quartet also played for patients admitted to the centre.

A quick look at history

During the presentation, Montserrat Figuerola stressed, "The exhibition allows us to have a quick look at our history and simultaneously it dignifies and makes this space more pleasant, which in turn contributes to making the hospital more humane and friendly".

The exhibition, which will be in the roundabout in front of the main façade of the centre until the end of this year, highlights key moments in the history of Bellvitge Hospital next to main historical events occurred in the country and worldwide, by using an original and attractive exhibition language.

It consists of six panels with up to 100 descriptions and photographs evoking 50 specific events in the history of the hospital - one for each year - and, in parallel, 50 events both in the country’s and the world’s history. In this way, an association is established between the progression of the hospital and the social context in which it has evolved.

The exhibition is part of the programme of events celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bellvitge University Hospital, opened on 8 November 1972. These events include historical exhibitions and publications, scientific meetings and open activities for professionals and citizens, and will end on 11 November 2022 with a closing dinner.