Bellvitge University Hospital has a Strategic Plan for the 2016-2020 period, which defines the mission, vision and values of the institution, as well as its strategic lines and objectives. The Strategic Plan features 10 corporate strategic lines and 22 strategic objectives. Check out the strategic map here.


The deployment of the strategic map identifies its positioning as a network hospital and establishes three strategic areas:

  1. Improving user experience
  2. Focusing on professional development and talent management
  3. Leading the way in networking

The three areas are driven by two cross-cutting levers: promoting a culture to make room for innovation and research and disseminating the results and being recognised.

The Network hospital HUB

  • We promote a culture of professional learning and development. As a Knowledge Hospital, we generate and share it. We have the ability to learn and unlearn in order to adapt to the ongoing challenges we face. We use different tools for transformation and continuous improvement. All this entails the direct involvement of professionals in decision-making.
  • We identify internal talent, recognise it and make it grow by facilitating participation in different projects based on interests. We offer promotion and professional career possibilities.
  • The high level of commitment of our professionals is the result of the strong sense of service with regard to patients and families in a friendly atmosphere. We apply close and inclusive leadership, whose main objective is people’s well-being.
Commit to professional development and talent management HUB

  • Innovation is a cross-cutting lever that drives the three strategic areas (improving user experience, professional development and talent management as well as networking) and positions the hospital within the local, national and international ecosystem.
  • Innovation is driving a new way of clinical management, either by designing mobile applications to improve systems and patient care or by submitting projects to be funded with European funds as public procurement of innovation.
Promote a culture to make room for innovation and research:

  • Greater accessibility. The Hospital ensures continuous improvement of surgical waiting lists, tests and outpatient consultations by opting for innovative strategies, such as telemedicine or virtual consultations.
  • Humanisation. The Hospital carries out the HUBmanisation project to achieve a more customised, empathetic, respectful, compassionate and supportive care. The aim is to promote cultural change in the organisation to improve patients’ experiences.
  • Participation. The Hospital promotes user participation in different management and care areas. They have participated in the strategic plan and in focus groups for the improvement of specific systems and areas. They also want them to play a leading role in process management, a model that seeks to improve efficiency and adapt to actual needs.
  • Evaluation. Explore and evaluate patient experience to incorporate it into decision-making.
Improve user experience HUB

  • Integrated care co-lead by primary care. The vision of an integrated and community network guides territorial projects for chronic care, end-of-life care, heart failure and allergies, among others.
  • Extended tertiary care services. The Hospital has entered into strategic alliances with Joan XXIII Hospital in Tarragona. This ensures that patients in Tarragona can be treated at their hospital for more complex pathologies, hence avoiding travel and ensuring consistent centre criteria, both with regard to diagnostic and therapeutic actions.
  • Network of shared services and operational units with the hospitals in the region.
Leading the way in networking HUB

  • The Hospital ensures the dissemination of results for transparency and to facilitate learning and comparison with the best.
  • Disseminating the results is part of the commitment made to society to return the knowledge generated and have an impact.
Disseminate the results and be recognised HUB