About RELAT-Hos?

Projecte RELAT-Hos HUB pacient

The Bellvitge University Hospital launched the RELAT-Hos project at the end of 2017 as part of its global humanisation plan, aimed at its patients, their families and the hospital personnel.

Promoted by the Bellvitge Hospital Nursing Management, and specifically by the nurse Antonia Castro, as author and coordinator, the proposal invites the hospitalised patients to express their emotions, feelings or interests through a short story.

Recovery hours or days in a hospital can be very long. RELAT-Hos gives patients a creative alternative that makes their stay in the hospital more pleasant and positive.

When a patient starts to write they adopt a new identity: that of a relathador. Thanks to that, they feel being part of an unexpected different project which becomes part of their recovery.

All the stories are part of a book that is given to other patients interested in reading it during their hospitalisation, and who, in turn, find in it a or a source of entertainment and inspiration.

This is a transversal project aimed to help the hospitalised patients, but it also reduces the emotion tension of their families, who are facing a painful, unexpected situation. Simultaneously, the project is also rewarding for healthcare professionals and the hospital itself, as it responds to the new management model, which is framed within a global plan for healthcare humanisation, and focuses on patients and their families.

How to participate in RELAT-Hos?

Each patient taking part in the project receives a folder with writing material, so that they can create their own composition. Once they have written their story, it is collected by the nursing personnel.

If a patient wishes to finish their composition at home, once they have been discharged, they can send it by email to relathosbellvitge@gmail.com