Interview with Davinia Maldonado Gómez, author of Unas Navidades diferentes (Desde mi habitación, Vol. I, P. 119)

Davinia Maldonado - Relat-HOS HUB 2023
Davinia Maldonado - Relat-HOS HUB 2023

It's been five years now, but every time someone drops by, I end up showing them the book

-How did your first contact with the RELAT-Hos project come about? How did you come to know about it?

I was in hospital for Christmas, a bit over twenty days. I was offered the chance to take part in the project, which was just starting at the time. I had been in hospital for a few days, I was bored and it seemed like a good idea. This was in 2018, in the first edition of RELAT-Hos. At that time it was not known when or how it would be published, it was new to everyone.

-Was it clear to you from the beginning that you wanted to participate?

I had nothing to do while I was in hospital and it seemed like a good idea to keep me entertained, both in hospital and at home. So I didn't think about it too much, I just did it, it seemed like a very good idea.

-Can you recall how you went about writing your story? Did you do it all in one go, bit by bit on different days...?

The idea for the story came to me while I was in the hospital, where I intended to write it from end to end. My main goal was to express my gratitude to the doctors, nurses, and everyone who had been part of my journey. I also wanted to capture every detail of what I had been through as a keepsake. However, while I was at the hospital, I wasn't feeling my best, and I couldn't muster the courage to finish it there. So, I ended up completing it at home. I remember using the folder they gave me at the hospital quite a bit, but mostly for making drawings, for example.

-Do you engage in regular writing?

The truth is that I didn't write and I don't do it now. More than a way of writing it was a way of thanking, RELAT-Hos came to me as a tool to express my gratitude and I seized the opportunity.

-How did you feel when you saw your story in the book?

Seeing it actually published gave me a seriously cool feeling, no doubt about that. 'Cool' is the word, I guess, because it's been five whole years, yet every time someone drops by, I end up showing them the book. It's just one of those things that brings a big smile to my face. On Saint George’s Day, when I attended the book's presentation at the hospital, it was a whole different level of excitement. You realize you've been part of something really fantastic, and you come out feeling like a winner. I mean, it's a unique experience, something that might be hard to come by again. And at the same time, it's a way of lending a hand to someone you've never even met.

-Do you think writing is an important therapeutic tool?

Overall, I am convinced of the therapeutic health benefits of writing, and personally, too, because it kept me engaged and entertained for few days, first in hospital and then at home, where I had to stay in bed for a while. It was truly beneficial for me to have a project in mind.

-Finally, can you recommend us a book?

I'm a big fan of TV series and movies, and I often read the book adaptations. So, I'd highly recommend the four books based on 'The 100,' which is my absolute favorite series. These novels by Kass Morgan actually served as the inspiration for the science fiction show. The books take a different path from the TV series in many ways, but they still capture the essence that makes the series so appealing.