Interview with Yolanda Garmón Simón, relathor of Algunas de mis reflexiones (Desde mi habitación Vol. 1, page 107)

Yolanda Garmon - RELAT-Hos
Yolanda Garmon - RELAT-Hos

"It's very exciting to see your words in a hard copy book that anyone can buy. It gives you some self-worth."

-What was your first thought when got to know about the RELAT-HOS project?

Y.G. I got to know it when I was admitted to Bellvitge Hospital. I was being taken for an X-ray in a wheelchair when I saw it. I really liked the name of the project, so once I was back in my room, I sent my father to reception to get me all the information.

-Were you sure right away to take part in it?

Y.G. In fact, the first person I thought of was my mother, since she is the writer in the family - she has published 4 books already! Since the project was not just for patients, but also for their family members, I talked her into writing a story and submit it. However, in an unexpected twist, one month later we both ended up in hospital. On that occasion, Nurse Antonia Castro came to see us and she and my mother talked me into writing a story too.

-How did you feel when you saw your story in the book?

Y.G. It is very exciting to see your words in a hard copy book that anyone can buy. It gives you some self-worth. And, especially this book, which is designed to give encouragement to people who may be in the same situation as you at some point in their lives.

-Do you think writing is an important therapeutic tool?

Y.G. Yes indeed. It's a very good method. I think that when you are having a bad time, writing down what is going on with you, or any idea that crosses your mind, is a way to escape from the reality you are in. That helps your mind a lot to find a moment of happiness.

-Do you remember how you came to write your story: in one go, bit by bit on different days...?

Y.G. I'm one of those people who leave everything to the last minute: I remember my mother nagging me because I had to send right away. So, I started one night... until I finished it. It was very easy because I was familiar with the subject; I just had to find the right words to fit together.

-Do you usually write?

Y.G. I had never written anything before, let alone published. But I've always read all of my mother’s stories. She has written more than 120 and I’ve always loved to think about how they could go on. I guess everything is passed on.

Have you kept writing since then?

Y.G. I haven't written anything since this short story, but currently I and my mother are working together on her 5th book. Finally, can you recommend a book? What else can I recommend but Los cuentos de la Maragata – 4 – Astorga. It contains 6 stories for all ages. It is a light read, which takes you into fantasy, and it always has a moral to make you think.

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