Bellvitge Hospital celebrates Sant Jordi with patients and professionals


All entrants today receive a rose, a book and a bookmark designed for this year’s celebration.

Roses are also distributed among the workers of the center.

A new space on the hospital’s website dedicated to the RELAT-Hos creative therapeutic writing project is up and running today.

Bellvitge University Hospital is celebrating St. George’s Day today with the aim of ensuring that all patients admitted receive a rose and a book and also distribute roses among the centre’s workers.

All hospitalized people today receive a copy of the book Desde mi habitación, which includes stories written by patients during their stay at the center within the RELAT-Hos project, along with a rose and a bookmark designed for St. George's Day of this year.

The roses for the patients have been donated by the UTE Clece-Arcasa, in charge of the management of the hospital cafeteria. As for the workers at the center, they have been able to pick up a rose and a bookmark from early in the morning, thanks to the campaign launched by the company Verse and the flower distributor La Rosa de Sant Jordi.

The bookmark also serves as a cover letter for the new space on the Bellvitge Hospital website dedicated to the RELAT-Hos project, an initiative promoted by the centre's Nursing Department that invites patients to write short stories during their stay. income. Launched at the end of 2017, RELAT-Hos already has more than a hundred patients who have become storytellers and have written stories that have been collected in two books, Desde mi habitación I and II. Stories can be read on the RELAT-Hos website; interviews with the authors; news about the project; see testimonials from professionals in Catalan, Spanish and English.

n addition, audio versions of the stories can be heard thanks to the collaboration of beteve and volunteers related to the chain.

See the RELAT-Hos website.