Bellvitge University Hospital participates in the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation’s science programmes for youngsters

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Bellvitge Hospital is actively participating in two of the programmes to stimulate scientific vocations among young people that the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation will launch in the coming months. These are Bojos per la ciencia (Mad for Science), which is already calling for applications, and Joves per la Medicina (Youth for Medicine), which will do so on 20 September

The Bojos per la ciència (Mad about Science) programme has an offer of thirteen different courses, which are held in collaboration with internationally acclaimed Catalan research centres and institutions. The courses consist of theoretical and practical sessions that take place on several Saturdays throughout the year.

As part of this programme, Bellvitge Hospital is organising the Nutrition course, in collaboration with Alícia Foundation. With up to 16 sessions, the course aims to raise awareness of the multidisciplinary environment offered by nutrition and dietetics, where very different specialities converge.

Registration for the third edition of the Nutrition course will be open until 25 October 2021 and 25 students will be selected to take part from among all those registered.

Find all the information about the Nutrition course here 

The Youth for Medicine course is aimed at high school students interested in pursuing university careers related to medicine. Up to 150 youngsters, divided into 6 groups, will attend 18 theoretical-practical sessions between November 2021 and May 2022 in several hospitals, including Bellvitge. In these sessions they will learn about the specialities and pathologies found in a hospital. Among others, heart diseases, the functioning of organ transplants, mental illnesses, surgery, neurosciences, clinical genetics, paediatrics and cancer will be tackled. Bellvitge Hospital will host 3 of these sessions for each of the six groups, dedicated to cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and transplants.

Find all the information about the course Joves per la medicina (Youth for Medicine) here

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