Why clinical simulation with the HUB?


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What is clinical simulation?

Simulation is a learning and training method where knowledge, skills and human factors interact with the aim of enhancing patient safety.

Simulation is a tool that generates change, transformation and improvement of professional skills. It also enhances the development of organisational processes for excellence.

Simulation methodologies allow us to expand regulatory compliance, conduct research on medical devices and develop patents, as well as validate the usefulness of medical devices already on the market.

Why with the HUB?

  • Because we are a high-complexity health centre with the technology and professional experience to perform the most complex healthcare procedures.
  • Because we serve more than 2 million citizens.
  • Because we are the hospital with the highest surgical activity in Catalonia.
  • Because we perform the largest number of robotic surgeries in Catalonia.
  • Because we are a benchmark in cardiogenic shock, ECMO, neurocritical pathology and transplants.

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