HUB 2023 Multidisciplinary Research Day

Bellvitge University Hospital Auditorium

The conference's primary goal is to promote and disseminate multidisciplinary research among healthcare professionals at the University Hospital of Bellvitge. This conference serves as a platform for sharing the key findings of research projects involving professionals from various disciplines, including doctors, nurses, technicians, physiotherapists, dieticians-nutritionists, and occupational therapists.

During the conference, we will also present awards for the At this conference, the Best Scientific Publication and Best Doctoral Thesis Awards will also be presented, as well as the HUB's Research in Cures Awards. Regarding the latter, attendees will have the opportunity to vote on the presentation's quality, contributing 20% to the final score for each eligible project, while the evaluation committee's assessment will make up the remaining 80%.

Jornada Recerca 2023 HUB


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