GTMS Annual Innovation Conference. 3rd edition Artificial Intelligence in Health: The Power of Data

Bellvitge University Hospital Auditorium

Artificial intelligence (AI) and data management are key technologies in healthcare in order to improve management, accuracy, efficiency and safety in clinical practice. They enable the identification of patterns to predict outcomes, reduce operational costs, and generate information to support decisions. Simultaneously, the proliferation of tools and their use prompts critical discussion on ethical considerations to ensure the responsible use of AI and data management without compromising their benefits.

Our conference will take a dynamic approach to the current state of affairs in this field, explore the available pathways, and examine their connection to the healthcare sector. Specialised lectures on future trends, coupled with case studies demonstrating their practical application within the South Metropolitan Management, will offer new insights for the near future.

Jornada anual d'innovació a la GTMS. 3a edició Intel·ligència artificial en salut: El poder de les dades