Bellvitge Hospital implements innovative endoscopic surgery for herniated discs

- Training

The team of spinal column surgeons of the Neurosurgery Service of the Hospital de Bellvitge, made up of Dr Luis López Obarrio, Dr Oscar Godino and Dr Gemma Blanch, performed the first endoscopic surgery for the resection of herniated discs on 20 January, a minimally invasive technique that allows for a better and faster recovery of the patient.

The intervention was performed by Dr Gemma Blanch with the collaboration of Dr Guillermo Frucella, a professional who has already introduced this innovative technique at the Joan XXIII Hospital in Tarragona. The neurosurgery services of both hospitals operate as a single extended service under the direction of Dr Andreu Gabarrós. The neurophysiological monitoring carried out by Dr Isabel Fernández Conejero and the work of the anaesthesiology and nursing professionals were key in the intervention.

The use of endoscopy in spinal surgery allows for a minimally invasive technique that results in a shorter hospital stay, reduced pain and postoperative bleeding and, finally, a quicker return to normal life.