Bellvitge Hospital, protagonist of the "Organización Sanitaria Innovadora" conference organised by the digital newspaper Redacción Médica


This digital newspaper specialising in healthcare has organised a new session of the "Innovative Healthcare Organisation" conference. This edition has focused exclusively on the Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge (HUB). Lean methodology projects, integrated and value-based care, and the incorporation of the patient experience into key projects, among others, have been highlighted.

"The HUB has made a clear commitment to innovation, prioritising the patient experience, and seeking complicity and co-creation for the scaling up of projects", said Dr Montserrat Figuerola, manager of the hospital and of the ICS’s Southern Metropolitan Area. The manager also referred to the Smart Health Community and the innovative biomedical cluster in health, a benchmark in personalised medicine, which is being created in Bellvitge. "Part of the innovation is possible thanks to the territorial networking with Primary Care", stressed the director of the HUB, Dr Cristina Capdevila.

Dr Encarna Grifell, deputy manager and director of Strategic Planning, Innovation and Evaluation, explained in detail the HUB’s Innovation model and its transformative strategy, which takes into account the "social value."

"Innovation must be oriented towards adding value to our mission”, stressed Dr Grifo. Currently, the HUB is working on process re-engineering, communication, patient empowerment, intelligent use of data, remote monitoring and evaluation of the impact on the organisation itself.

For her part, Dr Ana Álvarez Soto, assistant to the Directorate of Processes, Evaluation and Knowledge Management, explained the deployment of the strategy with the Lean methodology. It is precisely thanks to this methodology that the new multi-purpose Delta building, which has been dedicated to responding to the pandemic, has been set up in record time - just 3 months and 19 days.

The patient experience was also a topic of interest. The Director of Citizen Care and Participation, Silvia Millat Servent, explained how patient experience is being applied in the Centre for High Diagnostic Accuracy, which has the only PET/MR care in Spain. This is a "leading project" that "develops this culture throughout the HUB", Millat stated . Finally, she added "We must think about services based on the needs and expectations of patients, and only they can provide us with this information.”

The conference highlighted three integrated, value-based care projects at the HUB: the Strack an innovative public procurement project, with Dr Pere Cardona, a specialist in the Neurology Department, and Dr Silvia Copetti, assistant director of the Baix Llobregat Centre Primary Care Service; the EOSS digital transformation project, Dr. Josep Comin, head of the Cardiology Service, and Esther Calero, nurse in the Cardiology Service; the ERAS project on nursing care, safety and patient empowerment, with José Jerez, its programme coordinator.

Redaccion Médica promoted this initiative in 2021, with the aim of highlighting the innovative activity of the main hospitals of reference and excellence in Spain, with the co-organisation of the Spanish Society of Health Managers (Sedisa). This conference has already taken place focusing on the following hospitals: La Paz and Gregorio Marañón in Madrid, Virgen del Rocío in Seville, Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona and Hospital Central de Asturias.