Once the state of alarm has ended, and considering the current epidemiological situation, from Monday, May 10, 2021, Bellvitge University Hospital will allow the access of one visitor to hospitalization and critical amb semicritical care units.

The clean rooms of the new Pharmacy Service are a controlled environment, with different degrees of sterility, equipped to face new pharmacological therapies such as gene therapies or therapies with carrier viruses, as well as meet the daily needs of parenteral nutrition, intravenous mixtures and preparation of dangerous drugs, among others.

The new facilities have 24 beds and 11 resuscitation care points, with more spacious and bright spaces.

The architecture has been adjusted to the requirements of the HU-CI project for the humanization of intensive and intermediate care.

Research It is a rare disease that causes malformations in blood vessels.

The study has discovered the implication of a protein in the development of the pathology.

The new facilities will provide more comfort and safety to patients and will provide a major boost to home dialysis