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Viaje astral - Queralt Rubio

Viaje Astral, by Queralt Rubio Peña, included in the book Desde mi habitación (Volumen I)

I was calm, very calm and confident.

I was trying to understand how they would bring me into a deep sleep. The minutes passed and my relaxation was increasing, my eyelids were closing more and more. When I realized it, I felt like my soul was awakening in a new dimension.

I dreamed that I was flying into a magical world, full of beings of light. Beings that radiated a deep peace and that conveyed such a calming serenity that it made you want to stay forever. Their faces were happy, they smiled everywhere, they spoke sweetly; their penetrating voices conveyed loving master classes.

I felt light and strange at the same time for feeling so good and so comfortable. I was able to glimpse the true being that lives inside me and that has nothing to do with the one who lives in the stressful and paradoxical world of the blue planet. Who are we really? Where we come from?

Time seemed not to exist. There were no clocks ticking the hours; there was no rush either. It was as if it were always daylight, for the heavenly light illuminated with such intensity that it dwarfed even the brightest and most starry night.

I was thirsty, really thirsty. He could barely generate saliva. To my surprise, one of those beings of light handed me a glass full of crystal-clear water. I previously caught a glimpse of how I had filled that glass of water in the large fountain that appeared in front of my eyes. The source of life. The source of fullness. The source of wisdom. I drank with such enthusiasm that I felt that holy water run through my entire being, healing it. It filled me with energy, peace, joy, it alleviated my thirst. An immense feeling of pleasure and relief ran through my body.

And suddenly, I heard a voice in the distance whispering to me:

Are you okay? Wake up, everything went well, we are done with the operation, I couldn't believe it, but I just fell asleep! He had only recently been in heavenly paradise with those magnificent beings of light!

From the window of the hospital room, I was able to realize how bright the sky is. The rays of sunlight are so strong that they intensify the healing of each and every one of our cells.

I kept thinking about that astral journey that my soul had made and that I longed for so much. A trip, perhaps real for some, perhaps dreamlike for others, but I can assure you that this place exists. How much magic we have yet to discover!

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