Bellvitge Hospital adds new online procedures to enable the citizens to carry them out directly from its website


The Bellvitge University Hospital (HUB) has incorporated five new types of online procedures that all users can now carry out from the centre's website. In this way, the online procedures page of the HUB website includes up to eleven different types of documents and procedures that cover the most common requests and requirements of citizens, who can now resolve them without having to travel to the centre.

The list of new online procedures available includes:

- information on preoperative tests

- scheduled surgery (you can request a reminder, rescheduling or date cancellation)

- request for proof of surgery schedules

- medical reports

- a copy of the medical record.

These new procedures are in addition to those already available so far:

- requests for information on scheduled visits

- modification of personal data

- acknowledgements

- suggestions and complaints

- a space reserved for procedures or queries other than any of the aforementioned ones

The aim of Bellvitge Hospital is to continue improving the website’s online-procedures platform, so that citizens can resolve the highest number of formalities and queries without having to come to the hospital in person.